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Price : Free | Version : 1.0.1 2016-01-25| Category : Entertainment
Note : 5/5 | Votes: 5

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My dog responds really great to the sounds! I was finally able to take great selfies with him! I recommend it!
Pauline Soete - 5/5 - 15/01/2016

Super! I love to take selfies with my dog, but it's difficult because he looks everywhere but not where he has to aha! But with this app, it's easy to take selfies because the dog is receptive to the sounds. I strongly recommend it!
Abel Grand - 5/5 - 16/01/2016

The best selfies with your dog

What could be more difficult than taking a selfie with his dog? Ensuring that he look the camera. It is often difficult sometimes impossible. You get crazy, your dog wants one only thing : go far away. Finally, you failed the photo.

NoProbWeb proposes you Easy Dogfie, his app for Android to take, easily, funny photos with your dog.

How to

It's easy.
  • Frame your photo.
  • And press the button just before taking your dogfie to play a sound from your smartphone in order to get the attention of your dog.
  • Press the button once again to take the photo at the best moment.
  • Finally share it on Facebook, Instagram or send it to your friends with Messenger.


Share your Dogfies

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